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0.60 ct hi-si2 Natural Diamond 14k gold Single Solitaire pendant
0.60 ct hi-si2 Natural Diamond 14k gold Single Solitaire pendant
0.70 ct ij-si2 Natural Diamond 14k Solid gold Solitaire pendant
0.70 ct ij-si2 Natural Diamond 14k Solid gold Solitaire pendant





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Khanna Jewels Company is the oldest Online Diamond Jewellery Shop in India.

KJC is primarily into selling Online Diamond Products Jewels - Gifts, Bridal jewellery , Wedding Jewellery & all kind of diamond gold Jewellery to end users & Customers. Our foot prints are visible in the online segment of Indian online Diamonds Jeweler Seller portals and eCommerce.

We offer you outstanding value, by bringing you the Best selection of fine jewelry directly from our factory. We bypass the middlemen in our Diamond sourcing. And give you the best Diamond Jewellery at real discounted prices. You also save price as we don't have extensive showroom costs. These benefits in pricing and inventory is passed to our customers and can be seen in our Price. Our retail jewelry prices are as low as wholesale prices. Jewellery price at Khanna Jewels Co are heavily discounted ; in comparison to showroom price. Khanna Jewels offer Online latest jewelry designs for men and women at best prices . We offer best of Jewellery designs at best price.

All our Diamond Jewellery Comes with Free Shipping in India.

Are you thirsting for a pinch of dazzle and a dollop of glittering Gold & Diamond? Satiate your burning desire to sparkle at Khanna Jewels Co. and light up your wardrobe with our glamorous range of solitaire and diamond rings. Each diamond, every single solitaire has been crafted, not just with finesse, but as an expression of love and passion.

Embody your relationship in the most alluring and irresistible engagement ring – a ravishing diamond or other solitaire rings with precious gemstone like rubies, sapphires and emeralds set in embellished gold, white gold and silver rings. As everlasting and undying is your love, so your find at Khanna Jewels Co with exquisite diamond Jewellery & wedding bands. Every anniversary is a golden opportunity to celebrate and rejoice with a three stone diamond anniversary ring.

Our extensive range of Jewellery includes Diamond Engagement Rings , Wedding Rings, Solitaire Rings, Wedding Bands, Diamond Studs, Mangalsutras, Diamond Necklace, Small diamond Gifts - Heart pendants, Single Stone Diamond Rings, Mens Ring, Cufflinks, Single Line Diamond bangles, Diamond kadas, Gold Jewellery & much More.

At KJC, our merchandise goes through a quality control process, to ensure that our customers only receive jewelry of the best of quality.. Your sale also comes with full Warranty / Replacement Policy. We offer 14 Days Money back Guarantee. And all our products come with full Manufacturing Warranty .

Customer satisfaction is of primal importance to us. We value the trust-build relationship & take pride in our Customer. Value and Satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business, and we welcome you to have a best online shopping experience and join our family of satisfied customers.

Your search for the diamond shop in India, for Online Diamond jewelry purchase at factory Discounted Price is honored by Khanna Jewels Co.

KJC's Customer Philosophy: "Who Says Diamonds are Precious; it is People who Wear them are more Precious"
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